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30 Day Star Wars Challenge

Day 6: Favorite type of ship, or Specific ship

This is a really really tough decision for me since I’m an artist and one of the things that endears me to the Star Wars franchise so much is the diversity of the art direction. There are a couple of things about Slave 1 (Boba/Jango Fett’s ship) that I really like though. For one it’s not shaped in a conventionally aerodynamic way. A lot of starship designs are built so that their structures appeal to a grounded sort of perspective, as in, when you look at them you can tell which would be the top which would be the bottom, which way is forward, etc. The cool thing about Slave 1 though is it resists that temptation in its design; by all accounts it looks like a ship that’s waaaaay too top heavy and would never be aerodynamically sound on a planet. But in space it works just fine! It’s really cool seeing this bulky wide starship gliding through space with ease, since we naturally wouldn’t associate something flat cutting through the air effectively. Plus the thing just looks cool, when it’s landed it looks like this bizarre tank or something, and when it’s in flight it looks like this kick-ass behemoth of a ship, the wings add a nice elegant flair to the whole thing. It’s also important to note how well this ship goes with Boba Fett’s design aesthetic. The Red and green rusted metal look, the large black viewing space, all of the gadgets stuck onto the sides, it’s a really smart design in terms of recognizability. And to top it all off this ship knows hot to kick-ass, we saw what it could do in Attack of the Clones. It’s maneuverable and intimidating and loaded with a wide variety of deadly weaponry (seismic charges? woah man, if they used those in the war it would be over really fast). All in all it’s just a really cool ship with a great design that stands out to me.